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You are the last Aztec Necromancer. Lead your ghouls in a vengeful guerrilla warfare against the invaders who destroyed your civilization.

Last Guerrilla is a top down action/tactics game for solo player.

Strike with care

You must carefully plan your actions and where you will strike. Use your magic and group tactics to divide, trap and weaken the Conquistadors.

Grow The Swarm

At first, Assassinate lonely soldiers, gather their souls, and raise more ghouls. A bigger swarm will enable you to make bolder attacks on fortified camps.

From Jungle to Cities

The jungle is a vast open world. If you succeed to raise enough ghouls, you will be able to overrun the Conquistador stronghold, that they had the audacity to build on top of your old temple.

Genre : Action/Tactics

Camera : Top Down

Player : Solo

Controller : Game Pad



This game is a graduation project made by students from Supinfogame Rubika

Jean Auquier - Game Designer

Stephane de Bank - Level & Game Designer

Valentin Besson - Houdini Technical Artist

Benjamin Blanchard -Lead Game Programmer

Kevin Fantesini - Environment Artist

Antoine Lechevallier - Producer & Game Designer

Igor Matthiss - Art Direction & Character art

Alexis Boudou - Sound Design

Augustin Courcoux - Sound Design

Leo Lombart - Sound Design

Thanks to Amelie Rivière (help on concept art), Theodore Labyt (help on props art), Neomie Mergueditchian and Julie Jeanvoine (both on animation).

Install instructions

  1. Download
  2. unzip
  3. launch .exe
  4. Grab a game pad
  5. Set resolution and hit Play!

( Playable with gamepad only )


LastGuerrilla_FinalBuild.zip 745 MB


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Hello ! nice game, can't get the ghouls to follow me or go where I need them to go tho.

Yeah, same here!

(1 edit)

Hi Guys ! You can't control them directly. Ghouls follow you everywhere and attack nearby enemies. You can switch their stance from Careful to Aggressive mode. If you want to retreat from a fight, switch to Careful mode and run fast !

So this game required Game pad and not allowed on keyboard only?

Indeed. Maybe you can find a game pad emulator, out there, if you don't have one. We never tested with an emulator, though. I'd be curious to know whether it works or not.

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


Nice Shaman play ! However you're missing the whole ghoul tactics. Press LT to summon them using the souls you gathered on corpses.